San Diego Chapter Education:

The following program has been developed to educate the community, members, friends, and credit union employees about the history and philosophy of the credit union movement. Learning what makes credit unions unique and valuable will help you understand the importance of getting involved and helping to ignite the movement!

Credit Union History and Philosophy


(1) View the slideshow: CU History and Philosophy PDF

(2) View the previously recorded webinar
(This webinar recording is designed to give you the flexibility of stopping and starting as you need to. We encourage you to test the program prior to scheduling any group viewings so that you can ensure that everything runs smoothly before your scheduled event.  Please also note that you do not need to dial in for audio with an archived version. Instead, audio is embedded within the archive making it necessary to view this event with a computer that is equipped with speakers.)

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Al George Scholorship America's Credit Union California Credit Union League

Chapter Mission:

Our Chapter, in partnership with our friends, provides networking, education, advocacy and fun to the San Diego/Imperial counties credit union movement.

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